At the 5AM Company we build products with one guiding principle in mind: "Function over Fashion"

Our first product line of 5AM products is Men's Cologne. We believe that there is a short list of things that an everyday men's cologne should deliver on: 

  • Be easy on the nose
  • Without being overpowering
  • Last throughout the day

This is what our Men's cologne is designed to offer you. Most of us own at least half a dozen different colognes. Some of them we bought ourselves, others we received as gifts. Some of them we used to wear, most we've never really worn. The market for men's cologne is broken. More money is spent in advertising than in product development, and the large fashion houses that make up the bulk of the industry have lost touch with customers. Colognes made by luxury brands all share the same problem: they are way over-the-top. When you're heading to the office, you don't need to smell like you're hitting up the club. We'd much rather smell like a morning shower - clean and fresh. This is why we created a new cologne for a new generation of men who prefer a nice pair of jeans to an expensive suit. We want you to wear our cologne with the peace of mind that only those who are close enough, will be able to notice a subtle but unmistakable smell of clean. This is Men's Cologne - unfashioned. We hope you enjoy our creation as much as we do. 

Meet the Founders 

Cristian Contreras, Co-Founder

Cristian is a technology executive and entrepreneur currently working in Product Operations at Shopify. An honors graduate of Economics from the University of Toronto, Cristian has complemented this education with additional studies in Marketing, Product Management, Project Management, and Growth. Cristian has been honored with the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and by his Member of Parliament with the Trinity-Spadina Community Appreciation award.

Barney Tong, Co-Founder

Barney is a e-commerce professional and entrepreneur with extensive business experience in Hong Kong and North America.